International Journal of Integrated Engineering (Volume 2 No. 1)

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Issue on Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

1. Optimisation of Sintering Factors of Titanium Foams Using Taguchi Method
2. Influence of Post Weld Heat Treatment on the HAZ of Low Alloy Steel Weldments
3. Application of Queuing Theory in Analyzing the Use of Production Capacity
4. Mechanical Properties of Medium Density Fibreboard Composites Material Using Recycled Rubber and Coconut Coir
5. Study on Sound Absorption Properties of Coconut Coir Fibre Reinforced Composite with Added Recycled Rubber
6. Single Performance Optimization of Micro Metal Injection Molding for the Highest Green Strength by Using Taguchi Method
7. ISO 14649 (STEP-NC): New Standards for CNC Machining
8. Integrated Mechanical Pulse Jet Coolant Delivery System Performance for Minimal Quantity Lubrication
8. Development of UTHM’s Airship Virtual Simulator
9. Design Modifications of a Thin Wall Part from Aluminium to Magnesium

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