International Journal of Integrated Engineering (Volume 4 No. 2)

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Issue on Civil and Environmental Engineering

1. Phytoremediation of Metals in Industrial Sludge by Cyperus Kyllingia- Rasiga, Asystassia Intrusa and Scindapsus Pictus Var Argyaeus Plant Species
2. Laboratory Scale Seismic Surface Wave Testing for the Determination of Soil Elastic Profiles
3. Identifying Causes of Construction Waste – Case of Central Region of Peninsula Malaysia
4. Zero-Tension Lysimeter for Use in Greywater Irrigation Monitoring
5. Influence of Sulfate and Chloride on the Mechanical Properties of Fired Clay Masonry Wall
6. Vermicomposting of Food Waste
7. Experimental Investigation of CFRP Confined Columns Damaged by Alkali Aggregate Reaction
8. An Overview of Wastes Recycling in Fired Clay Bricks
9. Computational Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Slabs Subjected to Impact Loads
10. The Integration of the Morphological Aspects of Sand to It’s Shear Strength and Dilatancy Characteristics.

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