International Journal of Sustainable Construction Engineering and Technology (Volume 1 No. 1)

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1. Study of Stiffness Effect of Panel Zone on Ductility of RBS Joint.
2. Evolution of the American Zero Energy House.
3. Investigation the Capability of Neural Network in Predicting Reverberation Time on Classroom.
4. Carbonation and Water Permeability of Foamed Concrete.
5. Degree of Hydration of OPC/Fly Ash Paste Samples Conditioned at Different Relative Humidity.
6. Behavior of Foamed Concrete Under Quasi State Indentation Test: Indenter Size Effects.
7. Review on Empirical Studies of Local Impact Effect of Hard Missile on Concrete Structures.
8. Improving Housing Durability in Deprived Settlements of Lagos Mega City Through Ingenuous Use of Sustainable Indigenous Materials.
9. Flagman and Risk Involved in Road Construction Site.
10. Collaboration Initiative on Green Construction and Sustainability Through Industrialized Buildings Systems (IBS) in the Malaysian Construction Industry.

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