International Journal of Sustainable Construction Engineering and Technology (Volume 3 No. 1)

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1. Design and Construction of a 50m Single Span Ultra High Performance Ductile Concrete Composite Road Bridge
2. The Effects of Eggshell Ash on Strength Properties of Cement-stabilized Lateritic
3. Application of Ultra High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete – The Malaysia Perspective
4. Evaluation of Maintenance Management Practice in Banking Industry in Lagos State, Nigeria
5. Flexural Behavior of Steel-Fiber-Added-RC (SFARC) Beams with C30 and C50 Classes of Concrete
6. Suitability of Indian Hot-Rolled Parallel Flange Sections for Use in Seismic Steel Moment Resisting Frames
7. Comparative Analysis of Sandcrete Hollow Blocks and Laterite Interlocking Blocks as Walling Elements
8. Strength Behaviour Of Biomass Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Slab
9. Level of Acceptance Towards Industrialised Building System (IBS) In Malaysia

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