International Journal of Sustainable Construction Engineering and Technology (Volume 3 No. 2)

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1. Utilization of Eucalyptus Oil Refineries Waste for Cement Particle Board
2. Fuzzy MCDM Model for Risk Factor Selection in Construction Projects
3. Potential Use of Malaysian Thermal Power Plants Coal Bottom Ash in Construction
4. Hybrid Photocatalyst for Corrosion Reducing and Sustainable Concrete Construction
5. Compressive Strength and Static Modulus of Elasticity of Periwinkle Shell Ash Blended Cement Concrete
6. Properties of Concrete using Tanjung Bin Power Plant Coal Bottom Ash and Fly Ash
7. Potential of Using ROSA Centifolia to Remove Iron and Manganese in Groundwater Treatment
8. Evaluation of the Contribution of Construction Professionals in Budgeting for Infrastructure Development in Nigeria
9. Energy Efficient Green Building Based on Geo Cooling System in Sustainable Construction of Malaysia

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