International Journal of Sustainable Construction Engineering and Technology (Volume 4 No. 2)

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1. An Analysis of Cost Management Strategies Employed by Building Contractors on Projects in Zimbabwe

2. Sustainable Construction: Water use in Residential Buildings in Portugal 

3. Stabilized Lateritic Blocks Reinforced with Fibrous Coir Wastes

4. Development of an Acid Resistant Concrete: A Review

5. Properties of Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks (CSEB) for Low-Cost Housing Contruction: A Preliminary Investigation

6. Microsurfacing - An Eco-Efficient Tool for Road Safety and Pavement Maintanance

7. A Web-based Collaborative System Framework for Green Building Certification

8. Assessment of Cost Management Functions of Quantity Surveyors with Lean Methodology

9. A Review of Lean Concept and its Application ti Sustainable Construction in the UK

10. Quantitative Assessment of Cost and Time Implication of Susceptibility of Building Elements to Variation in Nigeria

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