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Penulis: Mohamad Ismail Mohamad Yunus

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ISBN: 978-967-2216-83-4

Tahun Terbit: 2019

Bil. Muka Surat: 155 Muka Surat

               Every human society attempts to control sexual behavior since sex represents a rich source of conflict that can disrupt orderly social processes. Human sexuality is too powerful and explosive a force for any society to allow its member s complete sexual freedom. Some limits must be imposed, some rules agreed upon and some enforcement mechanisms devised to implement the observance of the rules. Throuhout the ages communities have used various combination of law, religion and morality to achieve control. Not suprisingly, the regulation of sexuality has been a central feature of virtually every known leg system. This book focuses on the area of divine law relating to sexual crimes. Chapter 1 begins with the brief history of law relating to sexual crimes, then chapter 2 it speaks about the religious perspectives on sexual crimes. Chapter 3 gives an introduction to islamic law, which is called "Shariah" in Arabic. The definition of Shariah, its sources and the types of punishment and its exceptions are briefly explained sohat it may help the readers to understand the wholen idea of this book more clearly and lastly chapter 4 and 5 explains on sexual crimes under the Islamic penology, such as introduces and elaborates various types of sexual crimes in Islamic law such as the law of zina (ilicit sexual intercource), the law of rape, the law of marital rape, the law of sodomy, the law of bestiality and their punishments.

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